“Outdoor Learning Schools – beyond adventure – curriculum based outdoor learning”

Outdoor Learning Schools (OLS) is a  Community Interest Company that sets outs to build on the work of Outdoor Learning Consultancy  residential camps and training to enable young people equal access to outdoor residential experiences, locally, nationally & internationally through providing affordable experiences & training teachers to support outdoor experiences at a low cost.

Outdoor Learning Schools CIC  aims to enable equal access to affordable yet quality outdoor learning experiences for young people, currently many schools offer a range of opportunities to develop young people’s personal & social development through residential experiences. For many young people their economic situations exclude them from taking part in residential experiences that could change their lives.

Outdoor Learning Schools sets out to provide affordable residentials that enable more young people to take part despite their economic situations thus creating opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enhance their future economic prospects

Outdoor Learning Schools provides teachers with the skills, training and experience to ensure they can fully engage with outdoor and environmental programmes that enhance and build both pupils’ knowledge & understanding about our natural world and their own self-esteem and inter-personal relationships. The residentials take the form of camping experiences that promote independence and provide exciting and engaging activities, such as Den building, Low Ropes Challenges, Bouldering, Orienteering, Canoe & Kayaking and more….

The underpinning aims of OLS are outlined below:

To develop young people’s awareness of self, others and the natural environment through affordable outdoor experiences

Through connecting with the natural environment & outdoor experiences (including residentials at local, national & international level) young people will learn the skills, knowledge and understand to develop:

– Self: through developing personal capabilities such as, resilience, self-reliance, resourcefulness, cooperation, self-motivation & confidence with a viewpoint of enhancing life skills & skills for work

– Others: through developing teamwork capabilities and skills for life & work along with a wider understanding of environmental issues and global issues.

– Environment: through an understanding of our natural planet and the resources it provides & awareness of sustainability for a greener planet

In 2013 OLS worked with 400 young people take part in affordable local residentials that opened the doors to an outdoors way of life. Through developing into a community interest company OLS hopes to engage funding opportunities that will enable even more young people to take up residential opportunities and to develop and train local young people to work in the outdoor industry. In 2014 we worked with 1200 young people and have created jobs and volunteering opportunities in N.E.Lincolnshire.

We have been supported by Heartwell funding and the Cleethorpes Rotary Club to help us to keep our costs to young people down. Want to find out more about how you can support our work? Contact Caroline Carr, Director at outdoorlearningschool@gmail.com to help young people today access amazing outdoor experiences that build resilience, motivation and life long learning.

“Life is a journey…where do you want to go today?”